Alissa & Michael | Married

                I first met these two when I did their engagement session a couple months ago.  I could tell then how excited they were for their 12.13.14 wedding, and that excitement only grew.

One of my favorite things about this wedding is that it was about both of them.  While I am sure that Alissa and her binders did most of the planning, she was sure to include things that Michael loves.  He’s a huge Stargate fan, so she got him a watch and cufflinks as a gift, and then they had a Stargate groom’s cake.

The personal touches were everywhere, and even had one of their four adorable dogs ride down the aisle in style as the “dog of honor.” To keep with their love of dogs, instead of guests clinking glasses to get Michael and Alissa to kiss, they set up a table, and any guest who wanted them to kiss had to make a donation to pups in need.

As the evening progressed, Alissa & Michael danced a beautiful waltz for their first dance, and then Alissa and her mom danced together, breaking out mid-way to don some shades and jam out to some upbeat stuff.  Later on, Alissa had a wardrobe change and then did some swing dancing with her new husband.

The whole night was so much fun, and filled with so much love.  And the most amazing DJ I’ve ever encounter.  (Seriously. He dressed up and performed as Tina Turner)

All the best to this super awesome couple – thank you for choosing me! 🙂20141213_0001 20141213_0008 20141213_0010 Untitled-120141213_0023 20141213_0035 20141213_0037 20141213_004520141213_005620141213_008620141213_007220141213_004820141213_011720141213_014320141213_015020141213_018820141213_0212Untitled-3Untitled-220141213_047120141213_046320141213_048020141213_051020141213_050820141213_060520141213_057820141213_058220141213_0592Untitled-420141213_074620141213_0794Untitled-520141213_087920141213_083120141213_099220141213_1024


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