V | Family | Christmas

  This family has graced the pages of my blog for years, and I love photographing them every time.

They’ve gone through so much in the past few years, and it has been a pleasure to watch these girls grow.

There is a crazy amount of love between these parents and their children.  And this time we got to capture the love for Nana and Papa, too. ❤

I love that they don’t ask me to pose them, because that’s not really my style.  They don’t stress out over whether or not everybody is looking at the camera.

They ask me to document the way that they are together. The truth of who they are as a family.

And that, my friends, is what I love.

That’s why I do what I do.

VillaChristmas14_001 VillaChristmas14_005 VillaChristmas14_010 VillaChristmas14_011 VillaChristmas14_012 VillaChristmas14_017 VillaChristmas14_021 v1VillaChristmas14_028 VillaChristmas14_029 VillaChristmas14_034 VillaChristmas14_036 VillaChristmas14_040 VillaChristmas14_041 VillaChristmas14_044 VillaChristmas14_049 VillaChristmas14_051 VillaChristmas14_064 VillaChristmas14_065 VillaChristmas14_068 VillaChristmas14_074 VillaChristmas14_077 v2VillaChristmas14_088

(*I would like to note that no children were in danger when shooting these photos.  The lights were battery operated and not plugged into an electrical outlet, and she was under direct parental supervision at all times)



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  1. Wonderful lighting and composition.

  2. Lovely photos they must be so happy

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