Alissa & Michael | Engaged

It’s no shocker that I love everything about this session.

What’s not to love about love?!

And these two have plenty of it.  How adorable are they together?!

They were completely silly and sweet and lovely to work with!

They have four dogs, and watching us try to get them to cooperate must have been a riot!

But I’m so glad we persisted and got the shot.  Because the six of them together is cuteness overload.

We even found a cow tagged with their wedding date (yay 12.13.14!).  This girl is stoked for their rustic downtown wedding.

So yeah.  Not much else to be said, because the photos speak for themselves.  Enjoy!GalstadEng_0001GalstadEng_0004 GalstadEng_0009 GalstadEng_0012GalstadEng_0023GalstadEng_0025GalstadEng_0030blog1GalstadEng_0031GalstadEng_0034GalstadEng_0037GalstadEng_0041GalstadEng_0043GalstadEng_0046GalstadEng_0060GalstadEng_0068blog2GalstadEng_0077GalstadEng_0089GalstadEng_0092GalstadEng_0096GalstadEng_0101GalstadEng_0104GalstadEng_0107GalstadEng_0108


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