A | Family | 2014

I ADORE this family!

I met them for the first time when this little peanut was just a baby.  Mamma A brought me a “sunshine meal,” so that I wouldn’t have to cook after just having my littlest.  Our moms group (South Shore Moms Group) is pretty awesome like that.

I did their family photos last year, and we decided to go back to the same place this year.

(Loc: Trimborn Farm)

We had to fight a chilly breeze, but there were plenty of people to cuddle this sweet toddler and keep her warm!

This little girl is ridiculously LOVED.

We are lucky to call them our friends.

And they are lucky to have each other as family.

Because that’s what it’s all about, folks.


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  1. Love love love these! Thank you so much for capturing such great pictures!! Xoxo

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