Morgan & Kris | Married

This wedding party was sooo much fun.

But there was also A LOT.  of.  love.

This marriage was six years in the making, so Morgan & Kris are completely integrated into the lives of each other’s families and friends.  And they’re all crazy about them.  There wasn’t a negative thing to say about either of them.  Unless the Bears or Packers were brought up, as this couple lives in a house divided (much like my own).

Morgan put so much work into the details. The ceremony was in the awesome Zilber Park in the middle of downtown Milwaukee.  Joey Buona’s did an amazing job with the reception – the food was delicious and the staff was wonderful.

The bride lost her father earlier this year, so she and her mother danced together to “Dancing Queen,” and it was the sweetest thing ever. Mamma was beaming with pride the whole day.

Morgan & Kris, thank you for letting me in on your super awesome love-fest.  I hope the love between you evolves and grows with you for many years to come.  ❤
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