Hillery & Joseph | Engaged

So the first session of the new year was a cold and snowy one downtown.  And while I hate the cold and the snow, I LOVE love.  So it was beautiful.

And let me tell you, folks… the love between these two… everything that you see… the way they acted with each other was so honest and so genuine, that I often felt like I was intruding.  Which is exactly how it should be.

Because let me tell you a little secret –

When you don’t act like you’re taking photos…

When you forget about the camera…

You will take the best photos of your life.

Simmons_010 Simmons_015 Simmons_019 Simmons_023 Simmons_029 Simmons_036 Simmons_039 Simmons_041 Simmons_054 Simmons_056 Simmons_061 Simmons_065 Simmons_071 Simmons_072 Simmons_075 Untitled-1Simmons_083 Simmons_085 Simmons_091 Simmons_092 Simmons_095 Simmons_099 Simmons_105


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