Rebekah & Nick | Engaged

 We froze.  They loved.  I shot.

My winter couples have been seriously rocking’ the snow sessions.

The only downside to this one was when we were taking the last photo, and I referred to “Dirty Dancing,” and neither of them had ever seen it.  And I felt ancient.

It’s okay, though.  I forgive them, because they’re pretty awesome.  And I cannot wait for their wedding at Old World Wisconsin this summer! (That’s where hubs and I got married, so I’m super excited)

Until then, here’s their downtown Milwaukee engagement goodness :

 Sprenger_004blogSprenger_019blogSprenger_013blogSprenger_006blogSprenger_007blogSprenger_029blogSprenger_031blogSprenger_036blogSprenger_032blogSprenger_038blogSprenger_047blogSprenger_051blogSprenger_069blogSprenger_065blogSprenger_075blog Sprenger_077blog Sprenger_082blog Sprenger_088blog Sprenger_090blog Sprenger_100blog


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