Three Nails Workshop // Sleeping Beauty

Over the past few years – of motherhood, of owning a business – if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there’s always more to learn.

Even the best don’t know everything.

So, while it’s dangerous to compare yourself to others, it’s always wise to look to others for inspiration and knowledge.

Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography is someone I’ve admired and followed on social media for years, and last month I had the opportunity (thanks, mom!) to attend one of his workshops.

It was two days of shooting, learning, laughing, and being around others who love to do what I do.  Hunter is hilarious and made us all feel so welcomed and comfortable in his home/studio.  Not only was it a learning experience as to how he makes his magic, and how he got to where he is, but it was also an inspirational boost that I needed.

Moving a business to a new state is daunting.  Trying to start from scratch with new clients was something I’ve been putting on the back burner.  But this workshop pushed me to see things differently, and now I can’t wait to get some new faces in front of my camera!

I’m also planning my own styled shoot in the next couple months, so keep your eyes out!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the “Once Upon a Dream” workshop!

Photography | Angela Waters

Styling | Hunter Leone // Three Nails Photography

Assistants |  Abbie Cowley & Austin Andre

Models | Aurora: Allie Paige Carter, Prince Phillip: Colton Cowley, Groomsman: Gage Allen,                  Bridesmaid: Megan Rast

MUAH | Meka Bennett

Props | King’s Antique Mall



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  1. You are such a wonderful photographer and your work will be missed in Wisconsin!!

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