S | Family

Not only is this family completely adorable, but they have a super sweet story, too!

They tried for a couple of years to have a baby.  When it wasn’t working, they decided to adopt.

Lo and behold, once they got put on the waiting list, they found out they were pregnant!

And then right around the same time they learned they had a match, they also learned they were having a boy!

So now their hands and hearts overflowing in the best possible way.

They have two handsome little guys that are six months apart, and all of the happiness, love (and chaos) that come with them. ❤

The Adoption Network is a great agency, and Jess said that when they went head first into their adoption adventure, unsure of what to expect, that this was her main resource for everything.

She also said that she would be happy to answer any questions or to be of any help to anybody who is considering adoption.  If you are interested, feel free to let me know and I can connect you!


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