Ingrid & Justin

I’ve been trying to come up with what to say about this wedding.

But I have no words.

It was straight out of a magazine.  But not stuffy and artificial.

Ingrid & Justin were so down to earth.  And quirky.  And adorable.

But they’re both creatives.  So then you get something like this.

Where the details are incredibly thought out and perfect.

And the people are fun, and full of life.

And there’s a lot of dancing.

Justin is an illustrator, so he made custom prints for all of their guests (including me!)

The Columbus Park Refectory was the ultimate backdrop for the day.

I seriously don’t have any  more words.  So just look.  And enjoy.




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  1. Love all the pictures!! Job well done pretty lady!

  2. Love it!! Job well done pretty lady!

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