Anna | Bump Love

This woman has been my best friend for nearly half of my life.

We’ve been together for boyfriends and break ups,

driver licenses,

graduations, and weddings.

We’ve been through the good good, and the really bad.

I was there when her first baby was born,

and I’ve seen her become an amazing mother (and wife).

She can dig a laugh out of the worst of days.

She’s the Lilo to my Stitch, the Mater to my McQueen, the Dory to my Nemo.

And now she’s having another baby.

And it looks so good on her.

One of my favorite parts of this gig is seeing the way that people look at each other.

And this little family looks at one another in the best way.

The I’ll-love-you-even-at-your-worst way.

We’ve learned together how horrendously-terrifying-in-the-best-kind-of-way it is to love these tiny people so much.

And I’m so excited to watch the next generation grow.

So here they are… my best friend, her main man, her ridiculously adorable mini, and the new guy…

Anna_005Anna_012Untitled-5Anna_016Anna_029Untitled-7Anna_040Anna_056Untitled-3Anna_061 Anna_062Anna_063Rackow_008Rackow_012Untitled-2Rackow_021 Rackow_026Untitled-1Rackow_044Anna, thank you choosing me.  Not just for these photos, but for this life.  I love you.


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