I want to take a minute to explain the changes in my pricing structure.

Some of you are loyal clients, who have been with me since I offered free sessions to build a portfolio.

Others are new here and looking for someone to capture one of life’s many unforgettable events.

Some of you found me somewhere in between.

I am grateful for every single one of you.

I wish that I could give away sessions and provide everybody with beautiful images of special moments and loved ones.

Unfortunately, although many of my clients do in fact become friends, I still have a business to maintain.

And more than that, I have images that I want to be sure are displayed with the pride that they deserve.

The main difference, besides cost, that I am implementing, is the inclusion of a print credit.

I want you all to have professional quality copies of the work that I do for you.  For you.

Because, let’s face it, I would be nothing without you.

But I don’t want your images to be stuck on a disc forever, or to be printed at a mediocre quality.

I want them to be visible in all of their glory, so you can look at them every day, and show them off.

You may also notice that I am switching to online galleries instead of discs.

Not only will you be impressed when you see the galleries themselves, but your photos will be downloadable directly from the site.  Bam.  No fuss, no wait, no need for a CD drive.  Your images will be able to be pulled up and shown off on any computer or mobile device.  All of your photos, all of the time, right at your fingertips.

So, while I know that there may be a bit of a sticker shock by the changes, I promise you that these changes will be worth it.

I am growing, and I am ever thankful for everyone who is along for the ride.

Happy 2014, folks!


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