K | Family

I met this family at a car show I shot this summer.

The guys that were putting on the car show ended up raffling off an engine to raise money to help with some medical bills.  Over the commotion of that, plus trying to do my work, I didn’t hear the whole story.

But I knew that I wanted to be involved.

So I introduced myself and got the short version.

Almost two years ago, Jackson was diagnosed with a stage 4 pediatric neuroblastoma.  6 rounds of high dose chemo, surgery, 2 stem cell transplants, 20 rounds of chemo, and 6 months of antibody treatments later, he, amazingly, has a clean bill of health.

I offered the family a session, knowing how important family photos are, especially after experiencing the fear of losing a key player.

I wanted them to remember him right now.  Happy, healthy, and full of life.

  wanted to bear witness to it.

Luck would have it that this family happens to live on the most gorgeous piece of land.  So Jackson was [mostly] comfortable near home.  And I got to watch him and his parents love on each other.

There was SO much happiness.  SO much love.

And I managed to take a few pictures along the way.

Feel free to check out their story here: Jackson Katterhagen CaringBridge

And/Or follow on Facebook here: Jackson Katterhagen Childhood Cancer Awareness

And most of all… enjoy!














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